Discover Sygma Connect's constant updates and time-over-time evolution.

Version 1.6.98


  • .MSI installation package released with the possibility of automatically associating the PC with your Sygma Connect account via installation ID
  • added function to synchronize the status of the Block Num key
  • added event monitoring function


  • disabled appNap to prevent the app from being put on standby during a session

All systems:

  • reset gw at the end of the session
GATEWAY 1.6.92
  • predisposition for installation id
  • added geographic multi cluster support
  • RMM added support for telemetry functions (currently in testing)
Version 1.6.68
  • MacOs: disable app nap to prevent sessions from disconnecting if the session window in the dock is reduced for a few seconds
  • Windows: possible fix for the CTRL key problem
Version 1.6.65
  • Bug fixing to be available soon
  • All systems: setup for installation id (bees not yet released)
  • Windows: Option -showCredentials. Because the software has a window on Windows, it cannot write to the console. The credentials are added to the scdebug.log file, as long as the command prompt runs with administrative privileges
  • Windows: Win64 .msi Package
  • All Systems: The full screen option puts the toolbar in auto-hide. To exit the mode just bring the cursor up and the toolbar will appear for a few seconds
  • MacOs: Mouse position issue. This version disables scaling
  • MacOs: Fixed double-click issue
  • Windows: Problem keys not recognized by some programs (Remote Desktop, VMware console). With this update they should receive the correct keystrokes as well. The package must be installed on both machines in order to test it
Gateway 1.6.65
  • Ready for installation id (bees not yet released)
Version 1.5.30
  • All Systems: Fixed an issue that prevented certificate authentication from working correctly
  • Windows: Fixed an issue with some extended keyboard layouts that prevented some characters from being typed
Gateway 1.5.26
  • Deprecated clients with less than 1.3
Version 1.5.26
  • All Systems: Add option to create service requests (Ticket Sygma) directly from the client
  • All Systems: Added option to share remote mouse cursor position
  • All Systems: The client now allows you to run more than 3 sessions at the same time
Gateway 1.4.43
  • Updated the Sygma integration module to support video recordings
  • Improved service stability
Version 1.4.43
  • Added support for session video recordings
  • Added translations to languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Bosnian, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Albanian, Serbian, Swedish, Ukrainian
  • The log of incoming sessions shows the type of session that was performed
  • Language selection and support window are also active without logging in to Sygma
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the sequence from being sent CTRL -ALT-DEL
Version 1.3.65
  • Windows: Updated the installation software to force the installation of the 32-bit version in case the operating system is 64-bit but the CPU does not support the required SIMD instructions
  • MacOs: Updated code signing procedure for macOS Catalina
  • MacOs: Fixed a problem with keyboard combinations that use the ALT key
Version 1.3.56
  • All Systems: Added hardware configuration details in the management console
  • All Systems: Added an option to control how the screen is scaling. The option you choose is memorized
  • All Systems: Fixed an issue that prevented the system from restarting during an active SygmaConnect session
  • All Systems: Fixed an issue that caused the management window to close spontaneously after 15 seconds
Version 1.3.40
  • Windows: Improved connection speed of remote task manager
  • All Systems: Fixed an issue that causes an offset at the mouse cursor position in case the remote machine screen has a resolution greater than 4K
  • All Systems: Fixed an issue that disables the "Support" page from the Settings window
  • MacOs: Fixed an issue that prevented you from sending the combination of command keyboards with English layout
Version 1.2.15
  • Added option to insert a computer into the address book automatically at the end of the session
  • Added pre-arrangement for recording sessions
  • The login button is not activated if the username or password fields are not compliant
  • Fixed an issue that caused address book counters to be incorrectly updated in case of logout
  • Fixed an issue with using modifier keys after pressing the Alt-Tab combination
  • Fixed an error in the automatic update manager that causes a failure to update under certain circumstances
Version 1.2.12
  • Added functionality for White Label Management
Gateway 1.2.11 04 Giugno, 2019
  • Added functionality for White Label Management
Version 1.1.6
  • Added the ability to view the list of incoming sessions from the settings/support menu - incoming session list
  • Changed the mode in which you can change the setting parameters. Now only logged-in users can change client setting parameters
  • Fixed an issue that prevented automatic updating on some platforms
  • Fixed a possible client crash if you log off from the Internet
  • Fixed an issue that prevented sessions from logging in the Sygma portal in some circumstances
Version 1.1.54
  • Correct possible end-of-session application closure on linux machines
Version 1.1.53
  • All Systems: Added support for machines with multiple monitors: Images of the various monitors are combined according to the current layout and shown in a single session window; This allows you to drag & drop from one monitor to another
  • All Systems: Added the ability to start file transfer-only sessions, without remote desktop
  • All Systems: Add Remote Management console, with the ability to list processes running on the remote machine, restart the machine, and force the SygmaConnect service update
  • All Systems: Added option to manage secondary logon passwords for starting a remote control session
  • All Systems: Added network latency monitoring scheme to automatically adjust remote screen quality parameters to network conditions
  • All Systems: Fixed an issue that could cause the system to stop restarting during a SygmaConnect session
  • All Systems: Fixed an issue that could prevent login to the Sygma portal with user names longer than 32 characters
  • MacOs: Correct support for the dark mode of macOS Mojave
Gateway 1.1.53 13 Marzo, 2019
  • Optimized use of resources to ensure democratic gang exploitation in the presence of a high number of concurrent sessions
  • Updated denial of service protection schemes
Gateway 1.0.159
  • Introduced compression system for communication between nodes of the geographic cluster
  • Optimized gateway-side resource usage system
Gateway 1.0.154 22 Febb., 2019
  • Added new gateways in Germany, France, England, Amsterdam, Italy
Gateway 1.0.145
  • Added session logging feature on gateways
Version 1.0.145
  • Fixed issue with altgr
Version 1.0.144
  • Fixed an issue that caused excessive use of system resources after starting a session
Version 1.0.136
  • Linux console: Added -showCredentials flag to show id and password of the installed service. The full command is: /opt/sygmaconnect/SygmaConnect -platform offscreen -showCredentials
  • Linux console: Added -uninstall flag to uninstall the service and remove the configuration file. Useful if you need to generate a new ID. The command is: /opt/sygmaconnect/SygmaConnect -platform offscreen -uninstall
  • The logout procedure from Sygma removes the saved credentials and the authentication token
  • Changed the behavior of the "show password" key (eye). If clicked, the password is shown in clear text, allowing you to select and copy it. To hide it again, just click the button again
  • Correct keyboard behavior on Linux client (both graph and tty console)
  • Autoupdate ended the service without restarting it on Linux in console version tty
Version 1.0.101
  • Adding channel and host information to the info tab
  • Fixed automatic update issue
Version 1.0.98
  • Sygma API independence for fault tolerance: The address book and an authentication token are cached on the client. The token lasts 15 days and is used only if the API server is unresponsive. Both are encrypted and cannot be transferred to another machine
  • Automatic updates: one option allows you to automatically update the client every night
  • Gateway logs contain the version number and platform of each connected client
  • Fixed problem fonts in the license of use in the setup
Version 1.0.87
  • Fixed address book refresh issue
Version 1.0.83
  • Added limit on channels/ hosts
  • Password prompt if the saved host does not have the password set
Version 1.0.74
  • Introduced Groups in the Address Book
Version 1.0.63
  • Support for Ubuntu 16
  • Fixing bugs
Version 1.0.42
  • Added secondary log with only incoming sessions
  • Added -update flag to update linux server (to be tested)
  • Finalized GUI changes
  • Updated English translations
  • Optimized address book refresh time
  • Correct crash identified in event of end-of-session connection loss
  • Fixed load issue on gateway in case of excessive failed login attempts at Sygma via API
Version 1.0.24
  • Fixed issue with IDs that are not retained but continue to change
  • Fixed reconnection issues
  • Fixed minor issues
Version 1.0.12
  • Fixed session refreshes
  • Fixed refresh of communication between the various gateways
Version 0.8.21
  • Implemented two-way transfer file and remote FS navigation
  • Numeric keypad keys are not handled correctly on Windows
  • Optimized gateway-side latency management
Version 0.7.22
  • Added progress bar on update download
  • Various UI changes
  • Completed Italian translations across the interface, including system window
Version 0.6.78
  • Add dual encryption on authentication data exchange
  • Client UI Layout Enhancements
  • Updated authentication scheme: use alphanumeric passwords instead of pins
  • Fixed cascading effect when clipboard syncs
Version 0.6.70
  • Win32/64: Performance improvement capture code. Reduced CPU usage in idle
  • GW updated with new APIs
  • Fix font size interface with scaling enabled
  • Placing the session window above the Windows bar
  • Fixed right-click crash on address book items
  • Fixed gateway crashes when clients log out
Version 0.6.49
  • Address book layout, with search field
  • Connection "manual" from Connect key
Version 0.6.32
  • Completed italian translation
  • Changed logout option at end of session in lock screen at end of session
  • Correct sending key combinations with AltGr (, , and ) and Italian layout
  • Fixed automatic session recovery in case of connection drop
Version 0.6.18
  • Added definitive icons and new look & feel session window
  • X11: VT enumeration and VT control on which X runs
  • Ability to perform multiple sessions (up to 3)
  • Integration with Sygma (address book, login, etc.)
  • Optimized gateway relay code
  • Improved main window layout manager
  • Connection countdown dialog did not appear correctly on Ubuntu
  • Icon in traybar not loaded correctly at startup
  • Incorrect color of scrollbars in session window
Version 0.3.13
  • Enter translations in Italian and language selector
  • Enabled screen capture with DirectX on Windows (with fallback on GDI if it is not available)
  • Optimized car mode quality values
Version 0.3.10
  • Implemented clipboard sync (text only)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing problems using the TAB key
Version 0.2.56a
  • Gateway name available in status label logs and tooltip
  • Session starts without screen capture data
  • Crash at the end of the remote session
  • Race condition in screen capture code (win64 only)
Version 0.2.53a
  • Log file generated in the same directory as the executable (typically C:-Program files-SygmaConnect- for the installed application)
  • Machine ID on Linux also based on /etc/machine-id
  • Create scripts to deploy to Linux using AppImage
  • Implemented debug message output to scdebug.log file
  • Added silent crash handler for generating debug messages in case of crash
  • Completed X11 support: Controllable Linux machine by generating Xtst events
  • Correct leak of the handle generated by OpenInputDesktop (failure to connect after a few hours of uptime)/li>
  • Monochrome cursors were not rendered correctly
  • Address book import procedure failed if the directory in appdata-Local was not present
  • Addressbook panel layout allowed button resizers


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