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Sygma Connect
Try the low-cost alternative to TeamViewer

30 The 2-channel Trial version has a standard duration of 15 days.


Sygma Connect is TeamViewer's low-cost alternative that gives you remote access to your PC or Server with very little effort.

Why Sygma Connect

Sygma Conect is the remote-control solution for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX with all-Italian technology! All remote-control sessions are recorded and can be accessed via the web as well as filterable and exportable to a CSV file.

With Sygma Connect, you have:

  • Maximum security with HTTPS connections and encryption
  • Instant start sessions
  • Detailed and downloadable session history
  • Grouping computers in address book
  • Multiple passwords per host
  • Private Account and ID Management
  • White Label Customization
  • GDPR: Log all remote sessions made
  • Connection reporting
Sygma Connect

Why choose Sygma Connect

the solution that allows you to remotely access your PC or Server with very little effort.


Easy to set up

With just a few simple steps, you can connect to remote PCs or servers for support.



Multi-platform software: Windows, Mac and Linux. Download the version that's right for you.

Italian technology

Italian technology

Developed entirely in Italy, it ensures secure and secure connections thanks to data encryption.


Advantageous price

Sygma is a great investment, you can do remote assistance in an easy and economical way.