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per month




per month
Remote access and control of devices

Boot mode
as service

Unattended access.
Users 1 Up to 10 Up to 50 Over 50 Over 50
Channels 1 Up to 10
(1 channel included)
Up to 50
(2 channels included)
Over 50
(3 channels included)
1: 1 ratio

(1 channel: 1 console)

Simultaneous connections

1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1: 1 ratio

(1 channel: 1 console)

Centralized management platform

Registered devices

They are the maximum number of computers that can be registered in the address book.
Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 400 Up to 600 1 device per user
Device policy management
Video recording of the sessions - - 90 days 90 days -
RMM - Remote Monitoring & Management - - - Up to 600 devices -
PAM (Privilege Access Management) -
Alert Monitoring - - - -
File transfer
Report Audit
MSI Installer
Phone support -
Advertising - - - -
Maximum session duration 120 min/per day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Upgrade Channels -
Upgrade RMM devices - - - -
Upgrade channel
Additional channels - 5€/per month 7,90€/per month 13,90€/per month -
100 RMM devices - - - 3,27€/per month -
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How licenses work

Channel licenses are not nominal. . The number of Channel licenses defines the maximum number of technicians who can use Sygma Conenct concurrently from their console. For example, if you purchase 2 Channel licenses, you can connect up to 2 Technicians from their console at the same time. Technicians defined in Sygma Connect can be more than the number of Channel licenses purchased. A Technician who connects to the Sygma Connect console with the same username and password from two different PCs uses 2 Channel licenses.

What does Session mean?

A session is a remote connection to a computer .


Your company has 10 technicians. You decide to purchase 3 Channel licenses. Of the 10 technicians at the same time (at the same time), only 3 Technicians will be able to open to remote computers in sessions. When one of the 3 technicians has finished the remote session, other technicians will be able to start their sessions.


The 2-channel Trial version has a standard duration of 30 days

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