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per month
Remote access and control of devices

Boot mode
as service

Unattended access.
Users 1 Up to 10 Up to 50 Over 50 Over 50
Channels 1 Up to 10
(1 channel included)
Up to 50
(2 channels included)
Over 50
(3 channels included)
1: 1 ratio

(1 channel: 1 console)

Simultaneous connections

1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1: 1 ratio

(1 channel: 1 console)

Centralized management platform

Registered devices

They are the maximum number of computers that can be registered in the address book.
3 Up to 100 Up to 400 Up to 600 1 device per user
Device policy management -
Video recording of the sessions - - 90 days 90 days -
RMM - Remote Monitoring & Management - - - Up to 600 devices -
Alert Monitoring - - - -
File transfer
Report Audit -
MSI Installer -
Phone support -
Advertising - - - -
Maximum session duration 40 min/per day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Upgrade Channels -
Upgrade RMM devices - - - -
Upgrade channel
Additional channels - 5€/per month 7,90€/per month 13,90€/per month -
100 RMM devices - - - 3,27€/per month -
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How licenses work

Channel licenses are not nominal. . The number of Channel licenses defines the maximum number of technicians who can use Sygma Conenct concurrently from their console. For example, if you purchase 2 Channel licenses, you can connect up to 2 Technicians from their console at the same time. Technicians defined in Sygma Connect can be more than the number of Channel licenses purchased. A Technician who connects to the Sygma Connect console with the same username and password from two different PCs uses 2 Channel licenses.

What does Session mean?

A session is a remote connection to a computer .


Your company has 10 technicians. You decide to purchase 3 Channel licenses. Of the 10 technicians at the same time (at the same time), only 3 Technicians will be able to open to remote computers in sessions. When one of the 3 technicians has finished the remote session, other technicians will be able to start their sessions.


The 2-channel Trial version has a standard duration of 30 days

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